Ultraterrestrial is Becca Kacanda! I started this project in 2012 after being inspired by quirky 1920s-era American logos and trademarks that I discovered while in college studying graphic design. I am also inspired by cats, eyeballs, smiley faces, aliens, mysticism, feminism and obscure pop culture references. My main focus is designing high quality, weatherproof stickers that are perfect for decorating laptops, water bottles, bikes and cars. I also sell pin back buttons, greeting cards, embroidered patches and rearview mirror air fresheners! (If you don’t see those items in the shop now, they will be soon!) I regularly sell my work at craft shows, music festivals and gift shops throughout the country. I am so excited to reach more shops soon!

In addition to designing and running everything behind Ultraterrestrial, I am also a fine artist creating sculptures under the name “Rotto Grotto” ( I have another shop on Faire selling that work!) and teach hands-on workshops at museums and art retreats. I am based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Find more information on my Instagram