Sensational Flames

At Sensational Flames we take pride in all of our products. Each candle is made with is 100% natural blend wax, made of soy and coconut wax. Which will allow your candle to burn 40 to 50 hours. The plants for our wax is grown right here in the US. All candles are scented with quality premium fragrance oils, essential oils and made with natural cotton wicks. Our candles are hand-poured right in the Midwest. In Milwaukee, WI. As for our aromatherapy products they are gently hand crafted with all natural waxes, salts, butters, oils and scented with a high quality therapeutic essential oil for your therapy needs.

We have been crafting and creating all things candles since 2016, right in the heart of the home. The kitchen. Sensational Flames, LLC was founded by Passion Jones, who is our head chandler and Certified Aromatherapist Professional. She started the process of making candles as her own form of therapy. She became persistent and focused to help create an unforgettable candle that will not only smell amazing but give you an unforgettable experience. We are constantly looking for and creating new innovative ways to expand and to bring you, our customer, better and more products to help increase the quality of your everyday lives.

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