Doggie Doo Clip

My grandfather instilled a love of wood working when I was able to hold the tools. I can still smell his little craftsman shop in the basement with wood shavings on the floor and jars full of acrylic paint on the shelves. The window would be cracked while the music from the radio escaped out into the backyard. I would sit on the stool I grabbed from the kitchen and mimic his technique the best I could. I would be mesmerized by his talent and how each little character would come to life with thoughtful care. He taught my brother, sister and I how to whittle tiny dogs out of blocks of wood. I remember being so proud of each one.

Fast forward to owning two dogs and having a passion for running. I noticed that it's hard to keep running while holding multiple bags of dog poo. My brother and I decided to find a fun way to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs and carry it to a receptacle. The Doggie Doo Clip was born and it has only grown in available breeds, it is a leash accessory for dog owners that do not want to hold the poop bag.

Every little dog accessory we make in the shop is made with love, creativity and for a purpose. Check out our original designs and feel free to message with special requests.

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