Patchwork Potpourri

We are two gals from Milwaukee who got inspired during COVID lockdown to explore art more.  

Collaging allowed us to direct our energy towards something that gave us peace and joy.

At one point, we looked around and realized we had more collages than folks to send them to! That is when we decided to start Patchwork Potpourri, our instagram account featuring a potpourri (or mix) of styles.

In the spirit of collaging we went through our old books and magazines, and stumbled upon some postcards. These postcards blossomed into our beloved Pantone collection. 

Since then, our collage-space has grown, and so has our love for mixed media art! 

It’s been so fun to find other mixed media artists, explore our art styles, and be a part of a great community! You can connect with us on instagram @Patchworkpotpourri